Thank you for allowing us to serve you in the past. We would like to continue being your Sales and Service representatives in our new venture.


Arturo Gonzalez                                          Sergio M Dojaque

Our Products:

Brine Tanks, Carbon, Chemical Pumps and Systems, Chlorinators, Chlorine, Deionizers, Drinking Water Systems, Faucets, Feeders, Filters, Filter Media, Filter Systems, Flow Controls, Garnet, Gauges, Greensand, Housings, Iron Removal, Lamps, Liquid Level Control, Manganese Removal, Membrane Cleaning products, Membrane Housings, Meters, Monitors, Potassium, Pressure Tanks, Pumps, Reverse Osmosis systems and Components, Resins, Salt, Sand and Gravel, Softener Components and Accessories, Sterilizers, Tank Components, TDS Meters, Testing Equipment and Kits, Ultraviolet Systems and Components, Valves, Water Conditioners, Water Softeners, and Whole House Systems

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